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About My Work


I have described my work as a cross between sculpture and collage. With its origin growing out of the Adirondack and rustic traditions.


But mostly, I feel my work is a partnership between me and nature. Working with barks, branches, twigs, antlers and other natural materials, I find that they have as much to say in what the finished piece becomes as I do… sometimes more. It’s a process of evolution, each new twig, pattern of bark, bone, or acorn I add suggests the next step. My frames are not ‘designed’ or ‘planned’… they just become themselves, and I’m there helping in the creation.


I love the whole process. Walking in the woods looking for interesting materials. Collecting branches, barks, tree mushrooms, bones and other forest finds. I enjoy cutting, peeling and selecting the curves, twists and turns of wood I’ll be working with. But most of all, I love watching each piece take form before my eyes.


Why the frame? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s my 28 years as an advertising art director. Or perhaps I’m just out of my mind.




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